Defence Forces, Public Safety Agencies and Critical Infrastructure Providers are today eager to embrace new broadband technology to achieve their vital mission more efficiently, more effectively and more safely. Mission-critical broadband will give users access to real-time voice, data and video services on mobile devices with the unparalleled security and resilience that are vital to their unique environment. It will give users the 21st century technology they need to confront 21st century threats

Hybrid networks– a flexible way forward

Tactilon® Suite for controlling security, subscribers and services

Problems arise when a single user is active on several networks and devices. The challenge is to ensure secure and controlled management and high service levels. This is best achieved by adopting a centralised management solution. This enables agreed security and other policies to be implemented and supports the professional management of the whole system. It also makes it much easier to introduce new evolution steps.

Tactilon Suite offered by Airbus Defence and Space, meets this need. It helps operators manage hybrid networks, devices and broadband services. Subscribers can be provisioned both in the narrowband and broadband networks, including mobile operator networks. Tacti- lon Suite also handles security management and asset management and aids integration with mobile operator networks. With Tactilon Suite, all subscriber credentials are securely managed by trusted personnel. Tactilon Suite also provides means to manage IP security certificates.

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