Securing the airspace

We equip and supply air traffic management and air traffic control, playing a decisive role in elevating security, reliability and efficiency in air traffic. We also supply state-of-the-art on-board entertainment systems.

We also offer our customers package solutions as well as individual products, all from a single source: for communication, navigation, air traffic control and airport automation, from design to development and production, including installation and commissioning. And our in-house service also provides the guarantee that everything will function reliably and operate at peak performance throughout its entire service life. We offer a broad portfolio of solutions for the protection of equipment and the safety of passengers in airports. We treat air traffic as a complex system and help our customers to make this system safer, more efficient, simpler and more comfortable, in the air and on the ground. For the safety and security of passengers and infrastructures at airports, we offer a comprehensive portfolio of products, systems and solutions, as well as training and simulation solutions and a comprehensive range of services.

We also provide:

  • Civil Navigation Systems For More Effective And Eco-Friendly Aircraft Operations
  • Continuous Navigation Solutions For A Wide Range Of Military Platforms And Weapons In Unstable Environments
  • Services And Support

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