NSC ASSOCIATES core business is very straight forward, we intend to be the only total solution provider entity in the field of HOMELAND SECURITY with regards to integrated technology, software and hardware. Our core business will be the provision of the said solutions to support the varied demands of the market. NSC Associates’s management of resources and skills made it a potent force in systems integration and providing information solutions. Today NSC Associates Sdn. Bhd has successfully supplied Information Technology solutions to many Government Ministries, Departments and Agencies. We have formed strategic alliances, towards the end goal of forming a consortium, with selective organizations that will enhance our value proposition to our customers in the respective fields. Our Partner consortium consists of NEC, THALES, AIRBUS DEFENSE & SPACE, SAMSUNG, ORACLE, VEEAM, TRENDMICRO, FUJITSU, IBM, HP, TERBIUM LABS, DATAMICRON, FUSIONEX, ANDATA, ALIT and others.

Our aim is to deliver “Innovative High-Technology Solutions and Integrators for Interactive Products and Services”, while focussing on developing innovative bespoke ideas for a multitude of clients in different industries.

Among our areas of expertise and experience are as follows –

􀀀 Technology Research & Development;

􀀀 Systems Development for Mobile Applications and Devices;

􀀀 Concept Development and Realization of Industry Specific Solutions;

􀀀 Creating Custom Solutions overcoming current technological limitations.

􀀀 123 man years’ of Experience in Solutions Development, Technology;

Business Development and Marketing.

􀀀 Collective experience of over 45 years in programming and solutions development.

􀀀 Collective experience of over 15 years in the marketing and advertising industry, both locally and regionally.

􀀀 Comprehensive understanding in a variety of development environments such as C, C++, JAVA, Flash, Air, Assembly and much more….

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