With growing threats from terrorism, organised crime, trafficking and cyber-attacks, defence organisations alone are not fully equipped to deal with the changing risk environment.

This convergence between defence and security is driving demand for new solutions and technologies that enable organisations to share existing information and communication systems while protecting their IT networks and infrastructure from attack.

NSC’s security teams work with government and international agencies, interior ministries, civil security forces, critical infrastructure operators, cities and major companies to develop and deploy integrated, resilient innovative solutions to protect citizens, sensitive data and infrastructure.

NSC solutions secure the four key domains considered vital to modern societies:

  • Government:

National security, border surveillance, identity management & biometry, etc.

  • Cities:

Urban security, large events, Smart Cities

  • Critical infrastructure: Government sites, oil and gas infrastructure, nuclear power stations, airports, sensitive sites including museums, religious sites, prisons and metro stations
  • Cyberspace

Our national security solutions include:

Biometric technologies for ID management

Homeland Surveillance Systems

Nexium network solutions

Professional Mobile Radio

CCTV Monitoring

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