As a company dabbling in cryptographic security products and cutting edge strategies, we work with a number of sectors and businesses to provide complex safeguard solutions for:

  • Critical government and military infrastructures
  • Satellite networks
  • Energy & utilities
  • Banking & insurance
  • High tech
  • Transportation

We offer an end-to-end portfolio of solutions adapted to your specific needs and constraints.

  • Managed Security Services
  • Cloud Computing
  • HySIO: Hybrid IT Outsourcing
  • Cybersecurity Consulting and Evaluation
  • Trust Management
  • Mobile Security
  • Secure Networks
  • Military Information Security
  • Big data
  • Secure Multimedia Platforms
  • Software Solutions
  • Transformation for Better Competitiveness
  • Augmented reality and Virtual reality
  • Data protection, Vormetric


SNC’s Managed Security Services deliver the highest level of protective outsourced solutions, to defend your Information System over its lifecycle. From design to operational management, our trusted and globally recognised expertise provides in-house monitoring or 24/7 Security Operations Center (CSOC) to secure infrastructures, utilising the best and most current technology.

  • Prevent: CERT-IST (Computer Emergency Response Team – Industry, Services and Tertiary sector) and Big analytics tools used by our experts allow to actively detect new threats
  • Detect: Three monitoring levels ensure real-time awareness of attacks
  • Analyse: The platform processes information and helps recommend an adapted response plan
  • React: Rapid reaction teams can deploy immediately during a crisis
  • Simulate: Countermeasures are tested and validated before deployment

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